Bud and Pepper are like the old-time mountain men. They take a bath once a year whether they need it or not! With our recent string of near one hundred degree days we figured now was the time.

Our vet had suggested a medicated scrub since both horses had a skin condition going on.

We gathered supplies, fed the two old sweeties and then led them to the shower stall.

Pepper was suspicious right from the get go.

Her new friend Atticus (just learned his name) wasn’t any too happy to watch her walk off.

We tied Miss P. to a rail and started with Bud.

He readily walked into the shower stall.

He wasn’t thrilled with the water, but he didn’t fight it.

In fact I think he liked it.

Sort of.

He even took a little drink from the hose.

Pepper was a different story.

“I am not going into that death trap,” she said.

“Nope, not doing it, no way man. You can’t make me.”

She set her feet and refused to budge.

All the while, Rick maintained pressure on the lead rope, talking gently to her.

When she’d yield, even slightly, he’d release pressure.

They did this dance for a couple of minutes.

Soon enough she walked into the shower stall, though the expression on her face told us she wasn’t planning to enjoy it!

Though I think she may have changed her opinion. At least a little.

The cool water was refreshing.

And the massage had to feel good.

And we felt better, which counted for something!

We’re considering another bath in a few weeks.

Could be this once-a-year-plan isn’t working so well for any of us.

In the end, we had two good looking, clean, much cooler horses, and one wet human.

And a photographer.

Seemed like a good deal.