Meet my friend Amaryllis.

She’s one plucky girl. No one is going to tell her when she may or may not bloom.

She decided that all on her own.

And after a season of sitting alone on the potting table, totally neglected, she decided NOW was the time.

Never mind that she is supposed to bloom sometime around Christmas.

That just didn’t work for her.

I’m sorry to say I gave up on her.

Shuttled her off to the potting table to be returned to compost.

Except I forgot.

So she sat through the winter thinking about what she wanted to do.


Not bloom?

Amaryllis cozied up to a pot of lamium on my deck

I can imagine it was somewhat of a difficult decision.

In many ways it’s much easier to give in.

To give up.

Haven’t we all been there at one time or another?

But Amaryllis is obviously no quitter.

She reminds me that late bloomers can be quite beautiful.

Never, ever think you’ve lost your chance to blossom into something wonderful.

And if you begin to lose heart, just remember Amaryllis.

She’ll tell you it’s never too late to get your bloom on!