Dear K. and B.,

You lucked out.

You so lucked out.

You see, being able to share your life has been the closest experience Rick has had to being a parent.

And I can tell you that he savors each moment.

But there is this one teeny tiny little thing I feel compelled to warn you about.

He protects what he loves.

People and animals.

He doesn’t tolerate bullying or bad behavior.

One half of the power struggle

We’ve had a glimpse at how he might parent a daughter by watching him with Miss P. and her “boyfriends.”

He’s pretty clear as to right and wrong behavior on that front.

Act pushy and you’re invited to leave.

Bully anyone in the Herd of Oldsters, you’re history dude.

He’ll face you down and make it one hundred percent clear that you and your bad behavior are not welcome.

He’s not mean.

In fact there’s not a mean bone in Rick’s body.

But he is a fierce protector.

And he’s relentless.

Currently he’s teaching Pepper’s new friend some manners.

And slowly they seem to be coming to, shall we say, an understanding.

All Rick has to do is step toward Mr. Black and White and he backs off.

He yields.

The other half and current enforcer. Black and White keeping a safe distance.

He’s learned that Rick means business.

Sometimes B&W will take a short walkabout around the pasture while Pepper finishes her dinner.

But mostly he stands at what he deems a safe distance, and calls to her.

And as long as he isn’t terrorizing the Oldsters, he’s allowed to stay.


This is where your luck comes in.

I think Pepper would tell you that you’re lucky you never had to introduce new boyfriends to Rick.

Especially if they had even a touch of “bad boy” going on, because it might not be so pretty.

He’d start to channel John Wayne and who knows where that would end?

So dear hearts consider yourselves duly advised.

Should Rick ever show up with a lead rope in hand and the expression on his face a cross between John Wayne and the Godfather, it could be a good idea for you and your male friend to beat a hasty retreat.

Just sayin’….