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I often see papa osprey on those early evenings when I’m heading out to feed our two old sweeties.

Sometimes he’ll be sitting with his mate on the nest.

Other times I’ll see him hovering in mid-air close to the nest.

I assume he’s been on a food run and is returning home with the goods.

And sometimes I see him perched on a light pole down the road, his back to the nest.

Maybe he needs a break from the near-constant caretaking he’s been doing.

Maybe he wants to catch up on what the Rockies are doing.

Or maybe he simply wants a moment or two of peace and quiet.

Pregnancy can be a challenge for dads.

It doesn’t always bring out the best in us females.

Just sayin’.

There’s that whole hormone thing to deal with.

And caring for newborns is a job and a half.

Osprey parents spend around five months raising their babies before they leave the nest.

That’s a lot of food runs, back rubs, sharing household duties and midnight feedings.

As we approach Father’s Day this weekend I’m sending a big shout out to all the amazing dads I know.

What you contribute to your children, to your family is awesome.

You make a huge difference.

I hope you know that.

It is totally astounding to me that my own “little boy” is now a father.

A great father.

He is kind and funny and gentle and strong.

He knows exactly how to balance adventure and safety for his son.

He changes diapers, cooks food, vacuums the house, and plays a mean game of cars.

He’s the father I wish every child in the world could have.

Take a moment this weekend and tell your own dad or husband or son just how wonderful they are.

Because it’s true!

Happy Father’s Day!