Jane Sullivan and Jean McBride of Two Sisters Mosaics

Last September my sister and I were asked to provide a “bit of color” for the newly landscaped meditation garden at Crossroads Safehouse in Fort Collins.

“Maybe you could do a mosaic stripe along the wall,” the woman suggested.

When we took a look at the garden, we agreed that it needed color. And something organic and inspiring we thought.

A stripe of mosaic seemed much too bland. I posted earlier about the project. You can refresh your memory here.

We decided on mosaic butterflies and dragonflies and named the project On a Wing & a Prayer.

Both are symbols of hope, rebirth, and freedom.

We figured residents of a domestic violence shelter could use all three, and probably in very large doses.

So we came up with a very large project to match.

We invited artists from Colorado, with a few wonderful additions from Illinois and Texas, to donate a mosaic butterfly or dragonfly.

Our glass fusing friends wanted in on the project so they also provided winged creatures.

Jane and I (Two Sisters Mosaics) each made ten or so butterflies.

We held community butterfly building days.

All told we received one hundred seventeen winged creatures from seventy artists.

Each and every one was GORGEOUS!

This has been a multi-step project that has kept us busy for months.

One section of the thirty-nine foot wall of winged creatures

But last Sunday it all came together.

The weeks of planning, organizing, discussing, and working coalesced.

In five and a half short hours, with a team of nine hard-working volunteers, we installed every single butterfly, dragonfly, and one lone but interesting beetle on the meditation garden wall.

I love it when a plan comes together!

It’s a beautiful installation and indeed meets our goal of providing color to the garden.

Actually, quite a lot of color.

As for the inspiration, that remains to be seen.

But I have high hopes for these one hundred seventeen beauties.

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t be inspired?

You can see all of the winged creatures as well as photos of each step of the process at the blog website.

I’m working on a video and will let you know when it’s ready for prime time.

A big thank you to Crossroads Safehouse for the opportunity to make this project happen.