The first thing I saw when the Herd of Oldsters came to the gate the other night was Amigo’s tail.

It looked different, though at first I couldn’t get a good enough look to see what the difference actually was.

We pulled Bud and Pepper out for their daily pan of grain and medicine and I went back to check out Amigo.

It was a braid.

His long tail was done up in a thick, beautiful braid.

Maybe beautiful is the wrong choice of words for “Mr. Muscles.” But I think he’ll understand.

And there was more.

When I stepped close to Amigo’s face I caught the scent of something sweet and spicy. A little like Old Spice though not exactly. I kept sniffing because I wanted to be sure.

Yes, Amigo smelled good.

Really good.

His mane was combed out and fluffy.

His coat gleamed.

He’d had a bath.

This boy was lookin’ good, though he didn’t seem to notice.

He was the same old hay hog, pushing Red and Chickadee out of the way of the best nibbles of hay.

He was the same sweet faced, loyal friend to Bud.

He was the same flirt, begging for just one more hay cube.

He was our friend Amigo.

And for this one day, he looked ready for the show ring.

Don’t we all need those times when we totally rock our look?

I think Bud had a bit of tail envy.

No way could we braid that sweet little wisp of an Appaloosa tail.

But maybe it’s time for the two old sweeties to have a bath…