Our boy Bud has sore feet.

We noticed him walking with difficulty a few weeks ago.

We had the vet take a look.

She couldn’t find anything.

Had the farrier out to trim.

He couldn’t find anything.

But the pain didn’t go away. It was obvious Bud’s feet hurt, especially his right front hoof.

Finally our vet decided Bud needed shoes to build up and protect his old feet.

We scheduled the farrier. Neither of our horses has worn shoes for years, so this was going to be kind of a big deal.

That day, our vet (this shoe thing was a joint effort between our farrier and our vet) decided to take one more look at Bud’s hoof.

She scraped and dug around.

And she found a big old abscess.

Aha! So that was causing the pain.

At least now we had something to treat.

She applied a poultice and gave Bud orthopedic shoes.

They’re big old clunky things, and they make it hard for him to get around easily, but they provide a huge cushioning effect for his tired, sore feet.

He looks like he’s padding around the pasture in bedroom slippers.

I can relate.

As I’ve gotten older, (ahem, big birthday coming up) my feet require more support.

The term “sensible shoes” comes to mind.

I look at summer’s strappy sandals, stylish wedge shoes, and perky open-toe pumps, and I sigh. I can appreciate them as artwork, but as shoes for me – no way.

That ship sailed a long time ago.

Thank goodness ballet flats and cute flat sandals can be found.

And there are numerous other fairly stylish options – especially for us westerners who live the casual lifestyle.

Keens,  Tevas,  Merrills  and Crocs, to name just a few. Not if we were going to the opera, mind you, but for day-to-day life they work quite nicely.

Remember when in our naïve, insensitive youth we called them “old lady shoes?” Well I’m  a bit touchy about that phrase these days.

And so, I might add, is Bud.