For most of the spring, the little mud hole of a pond in the pasture has been dry – nothing more than a big empty dustbowl. Now and then a horse would venture in to roll around in the dust, but most just avoided it altogether.

Lately though we’ve had some rain.

Enough rain to turn that dust bowl into a watering hole.

Of sorts.

It’s about one-third full and the water is a milky chocolate color, but hey, to a horse it’s good enough.

Good enough for the first swim of the season.

It is after all Memorial Day.

It’s time for picnics, backyard cookouts and in some parts of the country, going to the beach.


A couple of days ago when I took these photos, Amigo was all about having a swim.

I’d pulled our two old sweeties out for their grain and was checking in with them when I heard splashing.

A lot of splashing.

I found Amigo and a couple of his friends having a good old time in the newly hydrated pond.

They kicked water.

They rolled in the water.

They splished and splashed.

It looked like fun.

It was obviously quite refreshing because when Amigo finally got out of the “pool,” he kicked up his heels and raced  along the fence line.

I’m telling you that boy was invigorated.

I think he’s happy to welcome summer.

Me too.


P.S. Take a moment to count your blessings on this day of remembering those who are no longer with us.