It was time for checkups for Bud and Pepper.

Shots, worming and an overall look-see at their condition.

We did our usual routine:

Go to the pasture ahead of the appointment time by at least thirty minutes.

Pull our two sweeties out and give them their daily grain.

Then wait.

Understandably, large animal vets aren’t ever able to nail appointment times exactly.

They often tack an “ish” on the end of the appointment time. As in, “I’ll be there about three-ish.”

Large animal vets drive all over the county to treat their patients. And frequently things come up. Things that take a whole lot more time than originally thought.

I get it.

Really, I get it.

But Bud and Pepper – not so much.

They don’t operate in the world of human time.

So once they finish their grain and have a few hay cubes for dessert, they’re ready to head back to the pasture and their pals.

That’s when we have to get creative.

We slip on halters and tie them to the fence.

And then, because we are who we are, we offer a little treat.

A flake of fresh hay.

The good stuff.

Alfalfa mix.

And they don’t have to share it with any other horses.

You can see from the photo that Pepper was thrilled and tucked right into it.

Bud, on the other hand, was a bit wary.

He has that look in his eye that says, “Something’s not right with this picture. We never get hay out here.”

I think Bud’s vet warning system is highly tuned.

He’s had more, shall we say, intimate interactions with our vet. Having someone cut on your private parts can make a guy cautious. Then there was the bad reaction he had to shots last year.

Yeah, he’s wary for good reason.

But this round was uneventful.

And pretty quick.

The best news was that in the vet’s estimation, both horses look darned good given their ages and the rough winter.


Music to our ears.