Guardian angels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Lately, for the Herd of Oldsters, their guardian angel looks a lot like my husband.

Dark sunglasses, lead rope at the ready and a “don’t-mess-with-me-attitude.” He reminds me a little of Kevin Costner in The Body Guard.

His job has been to see to it that our little band of old horses gets their fair share of hay.

We’ve been giving flakes of the “good stuff,” better known as alfalfa mix, to our oldsters every time we go out to feed.

Not a one of them fared the winter in the best of shape, so they need the extra nutrition.

Somehow, the minute those delicious flakes hit the ground, other horses in the larger herd know it. And they make their way toward the Oldsters.

That’s where the guardian angel, or as I call him, “the enforcer,” comes in. He lets the interlopers know that they aren’t welcome here.

He’ll circle the rope in the air to encourage the others to head out. And if that doesn’t work he swings a little stronger and gives them the look, as he makes it absolutely clear that they are NOT going to win this one. To date, he’s been the victor.

From the Herd of Oldsters, I swear I can hear a huge sigh of relief as they continue to munch on the delicious strands of hay.

They simply don’t have the mojo anymore to fight for their food.

The rope-swinging and other machinations don’t affect them at all. It’s as if they know their bodyguard is at work for them.

How wonderful that must be.

My own personal guardian angel may not be wearing dark sunglasses and swinging a rope to protect me.

Then again ….