We’re in a dry spell here in northern Colorado. The ground is hard-packed and unyielding to my dandelion digger.

And oh my goodness, it’s been dusty out at the pasture.

That is until Sunday.

It started raining somewhere around four-ish and continued through the night.

Still raining the next morning.

Short term it’s going to make a huge difference to gardens; to pasture grass, and to the dandelions.

I’m thinking green, lush and tall.

Here’s what it looks like when we feed in the rain.

Our two old sweeties get a canopy of sorts to keep the rain out of their feed pans and off their heads.

The back of the car takes on the nutty-sweet aroma of grain.

And we get the comfort of sitting in the car. At least until it’s time to return a couple of satisfied horses to the pasture.

They seem to know it’s not a time to dilly-dally. Maybe they have the comfort of the shed on their minds.


Just another day at the pasture!