Seen beside the road in Mexico

Birds and horses have an arrangement.

Each provides a service for the other.

In the pasture, horses provide a landing spot for birds -a safe place to rest their tired wings and catch a breath or two.

And hanging around horses is a great source of nest-building materials.

Sort of the Home Depot of the avian world.

In return, birds eat little insects that can plague horses.

Some call it a symbiotic relationship.

I think of it more as quid pro quo.

A win-win situation.

Lately though as I’ve been brushing my two old sweeties, I’ve noticed a LOT of bird droppings on their backs.

It’s not that this is new – it isn’t. But it does seem like the quantity has increased. Maybe because it’s spring.

Anyway, it got me thinking about human relationships.

You may not get the immediate connection, but that’s how my brain works!

My husband finds it a bit unsettling, even after all these years.

Here’s the question that I’ve been pondering:

Have you ever been in a relationship that started out evenly matched, reciprocal, even symbiotic, until one day you realized that it had become one-sided? No longer even-Steven.

And have you noticed after the fact that there’s a residue left behind from the unevenness of the interactions?

Call it symbolic bird poop.

Do you brush it off as if it never happened?

Do you, like the horses, accept it? “That’s how birds are,” you tell yourself?

Do you wear yourself out fighting against each and every bird that tries to land on your back?

Do you build up a layer of protection so the slime doesn’t touch you?

Seriously, I’m asking…