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On my way to feed our two old sweeties, I drive east on Prospect Road.

Starting about a week ago the activity level around a tall utility pole ramped into high gear. At first it was just a person or two standing across the street, camera and super-long lens in hand, looking up at a gigantic nest perched seemingly precariously on top of a pole.

Soon it was more people, cars slowing down, and one day a couple of news trucks were covering the story.

What had caught everyone’s attention?

A pair of osprey had built the nest and decided this was the place to raise their family.

It’s a busy road with traffic noise. And it’s a popular nature area and walking trail.

None of which seemed to bother them at all.

“This is the place,” one or both said.

Occasionally I can see a head popping up from the nest, or one of the parents flying in.

I love that people are excited about this.

I’m on the hunt for news stories about positive topics. I’m trying like crazy to infuse my life (and my brain) with more good than bad, because I know what the reverse does to me.

It makes me tired, suspicious, cautious and afraid.

It makes me believe the world isn’t safe. And that’s not a belief I want taking up space in my psyche.

It turns out that Excel Energy, the owner of the utility pole, is no stranger to osprey nests. They actually came to this site and coated some of the power lines with a bright orange safety coating, to ensure the birds’ safety. Apparently sometimes birds come in contact with those wires and are killed.

Way to go Excel!

I’ll keep you posted as to this little family’s progress.

Meanwhile, tell me a nature story that has uplifted you.

We sure could use a little good news today!