I first met Carolann Evans when we were exhibiting at an art show a couple of years ago.

Our display tents were across from each other and when things were slow, we got to know each other.

She makes gorgeous gourd artwork. You really should have a look. 

Carolann has an interest in addition to her art.

One could call it a passion.

She adores llamas.

Yesterday Rick and I made a trip to her farm in Longmont to deliver a piece of mosaic artwork she’d commissioned.

It was a perfect late afternoon for a drive.

Right now the countryside is glowing with spring green. A few clouds darkened over the foothills, making for incredible light.

Carolann and her husband share their lives with three goats, a couple of dogs, and over thirty llamas.

And I promise you this: each and every one is loved to the max.

All have names and personalities to match.

And many have an adoption story.

Carolann and I share the “softhearted woman” gene.

We walked into the pasture, accompanied by three goats, to call the girls in for the night.

What amazed me was that Carolann simply called, “Come on girls,” and all but a couple of stragglers actually came!

Llamas are curious animals and were quite interested in the newcomers.

Some walked right up to us and stared into our faces.

Others watched from a distance, intent on figuring us out from their own comfort zone.

It had been a shearing day, so many of the llamas had fresh haircuts and were a bit miffed because of it.

All in all, it was the kind of afternoon that thrilled me to my core. To be in nature with amazing animals and people who love them.

Isn’t that what Sunday afternoons are made for?

I tried hard to get Carolann to adopt me, but the best she’d offer was an open invitation to visit any time.

My sneaky plan all along!