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I’m shaking my head over this one. I’ve been writing this blog for two years.

Two Years!

Here’s the link to my first ever post, in case you want to meander down memory lane with me.

And here’s the link to my post for birthday number one.

Some say that time goes by more quickly the older you get.

I don’t know any science about it, but my experience tends to confirm the notion.

Seems like only yesterday I was trying to decide if starting a blog was a good idea for me. And now I’ve written 494 posts over the span of twenty-four months.

The part that really thrills me is that you read them.

Writers need readers, and you’ve been the best!

There are days I think about stopping.

I wonder if I’ve used up all I have to say.

Then almost as if by magic a new idea for a post pops into my head and the creative juices flow.

There are days I think about reducing the number of posts – maybe from five a week to, say three a week. Some days that looks quite appealing.

But then I think of you – my small but very loyal band of readers.

You come to your computer to catch up on Bud, Pepper and the Herd of Oldsters. Many of you have told me you start your day with us.

I like that.

I love that.

I made a promise to you to be in your inboxes five days a week. And for the most part (with a few grandbaby exceptions) I’ve been there.

And will continue.

I love reading your comments. I share each and every one with the Oldsters. And in their wise ways of knowing all things valuable and important, they offer their thanks.

So at birthday number two, we send you our profound gratitude for being part of our herd.

My goal for the upcoming year is to grow my readership.

If you like reading about us, pass it along to your friends, your Facebook community, and the people you think may also enjoy reading about the daily antics of two old horses, one old earless cat, and me.