I’ve learned many life lessons in the horse pasture.

My two old sweeties and their friends are perfect teachers.

Yesterday I was feeding Bud and Pepper and handing out snacks to Red and Amigo.

It’s shedding season, so I was busy brushing both horses. You can see a little of the result of my efforts in the photo.

The neighboring paddock held four horses, all intent on watching me. They were ever hopeful that a snack or two might find it’s way to their mouths.

Horses are extremely hopeful animals.

Three watched me like a hawk, pacing up and down the fence line following me as I walked to the gate to hand a treat to the Oldsters. And yes, an occasional hay cube rewarded their attention.

You know I’m a softy.

The fourth horse – the one I’ve nicknamed Percy, short for persistent, caught my attention. She wasn’t content to wait for me to offer up a treat.

Oh no.

She took control in her own hands, or more accurately, her mouth.

Not one to wait for someone else to give her what she wanted, she found a way to get it . She snaked her long neck through the rungs of the fence and then extended her prehensile lips to snag bits of the new grass growing along the edge of the paddock. She stretched and reached for a good fifteen minutes, seemingly oblivious to me.

Percy reminded me of something I’ve read many times; something I’ve said to countless clients in my years as a therapist.

“You are your own best resource.”

In case I was looking outside of myself for solutions to my challenges, (which in full transparency I must say that sometimes I do) Percy gave me an up close and personal lesson about taking action.

Maybe she can remind you as well to count on yourself.

Reach out for what you want.

Be persistent.

Be creative.

Find a way to get past the barriers.

That sweet green grass waits for all of us.