A Mosaic Butterfly Project for Crossroads Safehouse

Imagine living in fear for your life.

Living in a house where you and your children aren’t safe.

Imagine feeling alone. Helpless. As if you have nowhere to turn for help and no one to offer it.

It’s a horrific feeling, and yet every single day across this country thousands of families experience just that.

And then imagine the flood of relief when you find a warm, welcoming, SAFE place to shelter you.

A place where you can breathe easy and relax.

A place where you find resources, support and most important, safe haven.

A place where you can get your life together; see other options; make plans.

In our community, Crossroads Safehouse is that place.

It’s an awesome organization that does so much for families.

Last fall they moved into a new building where they can serve many more families.

It’s a beauty of a place – open and soothing.


They have a small meditation garden off one of the wings, landscaped by a team of volunteers.

They decided the grey cinderblock walls that surround the garden needed a bit of color.

Mosaic, they decided.

Enter Two Sisters Mosaics.

We took one look and immediately wanted to help.

We are installing butterflies along a thirty-nine foot wall of grey concrete.

It’s going to be awesome!

We invited community members and artists to contribute butterflies and/or dragonflies.

Both are symbols of hope, rebirth, and freedom. And they are beautiful.

On a Wing & a Prayer was born. We’ve been busy making winged creatures – by the end of the project I think we’ll have close to a hundred beauties to wing their way across that wall.

Artist: Jane Sullivan

Butterflies to inspire.

Butterflies to encourage dreaming.

Butterflies to befriend and support.

We’ve started a blog to document our progress.

I hope you’ll follow this link and have a look at the amazing artwork.

I’m not even close yet to getting it all on the blog site, so please sign up to receive email updates so you won’t miss a thing.

Our plan is to install the project in mid-May after we’re certain the danger of frost is past.

Artist: Jean McBride

Imagine sitting in a garden, a gentle summer breeze ruffling your hair and a line of butterflies and dragonflies in every color and configuration possible making their way across a wall before you.

For just a few minutes, you allow yourself to dream of a different future than the one in which you found yourself.

The one from which you escaped.

Let the butterflies show you the way.