A while back, I introduced you to the little brown rabbits that share the pasture with the horses. I told you the story of their work as secret agents. You can read that here if you have no idea what in the world I’m talking about.

And yes, there are many times when people shake their heads and wonder what’s going on inside my head, but are too afraid to really take a long look.

Sometimes I wonder about myself too!

So I thought you’d like to catch up with Smoke, who is doing very well.

Spring is coming. The pasture is greening up and life is good for rabbits.

I snapped this photo of him/her/one of them, sitting under the yoke of a piece of farm machinery.

It was sunny, but windy that day and little Smoke had found some good cover to catch a few rays, feel the wind ruffling fur and be protected. Maybe on a stakeout, or doing research.


No wonder they’re secret agents.

Hope your day includes a little whimsy.

It’s good for your soul.