A couple days ago when I went out to feed our two old sweeties I noticed that Bud was having trouble walking.

He seemed to be almost dragging his two back legs, and appeared to be in a lot of pain.

Poor old guy.

Scared the you-know-what out of me.

It’s never fun to be sick, but it seems especially hard around your birthday.

The vet isn’t totally sure what’s going on. She found a stone bruise on one of his front hooves and put a poultice on.

Now we wait.

She moved Bud to a “private room” where he won’t be bothered by the other horses.

His pals in the Herd of Oldsters are worried.

They call for him and wait like sentinels at the gate for him to return.

It pulls at my heart. I wish I could simply explain where he is, and they would be reassured.

On the upside, he’s on some good pain medication, so seems to be feeling better.

Though we’re not sure how long he’ll be at the “hospital.”

He’s rooming next door to Minnie, who’s there to put on weight. You can see her behind Bud in the photograph above.

It was a hard winter on most of the horses.

Send your good thoughts Bud’s way and I’ll pass them along.