It’s been a dry winter here in northern Colorado. Clouds of dust rise up behind me as I drive down the lane to the pasture.

Dry and dusty.

Even the small pond inside the pasture is drying up. Thankfully it isn’t a source of water for the horses.

They have a “horse drinking fountain” close to the shed.

I’m learning to be grateful for silver linings.

This year, a major chunk of pastureland has not been available. That means the horses have wintered in the same location, which isn’t the norm. They have closer access to water this winter, which is the silver lining.

In the other pasture, the water tank was somewhat of a hike, and I worried that our two old sweeties weren’t getting enough water. Horses need anywhere from six to ten gallons of water each day. It’s vital to good digestion and their overall health.

Now almost without fail, once I let Miss P. back into the pasture after she’s had her grain, she meanders to the drinking fountain and takes a good long slurp of water. It’s crazy how happy that makes me!

It also serves as a reminder for me to drink more water. Especially on these dry, dusty days.

So Pepper wants to know: Are you getting enough water?

The next time you drink a nice cool glass of water, think of her.

She’d like that.