There’s been a television commercial around for a while now that shows everyday, ordinary guys coming to someone’s rescue.

There’ll be a plumber saving the day by repairing a leak, an auto repairman fixing a car.

You recognize them by the yellow superhero cape they wear. In the ad they’re called the good guys – the unsung heroes in our life.

I live with one of those good guys.

Lucky for me!

I know others.

Lucky for me again!

These are men that are long on try and short on quit.

If you have a problem or are in trouble, they’re the ones you want in your corner.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or during the workday.

You call and they show up. And they stay until the job‘s done.

Not because they’re getting paid.

They show up because that’s who they are.

Good guys.

Super heroes.

Amazing men.

So earlier this week Rick and I were driving to Denver, chatting and taking in the scenery.

One minute everything was normal. And the next, a car ahead of us rolled several times and landed off the road upside down.

The car was smoking.

Our adrenaline was pumping.

Rick pulled to a stop and jumped out of the car without even a thought. A few other cars had lined up, but no one had yet emerged.

When Rick (that’s him to the left in the photo) walked toward the overturned vehicle, other folks followed. They helped the two very shaken occupants to safety. Someone turned the ignition off. Another called 911. Another stayed with the people, talking and offering comfort.

Amazingly no one was hurt.

It could have been a very different ending, but it wasn’t.

Life can change in a matter of seconds. That was the reminder I got.

And as for those good guys, our everyday heroes – here’s to you.

Rick, Pete, Jim, Mark, Tom, Jeremy (and a whole bunch of others) this shout out is all for you. You may not know it, but those yellow capes are showing, and we are all the better for it.


P.S. Do you know a superhero? Forward this post as a thank you.