Checking out the speed limit.

Did I miss the memo?

Surely I must have.

Someone put out the call to ride your horse to the store and I didn’t receive it.

Who knew February had such a designation?

Last week I told you about finding a horse tethered to a birch tree outside a local restaurant.

Exactly one week later, I rounded the corner to another grocery store and came upon six horses tied in groups of two in an empty lot across the street from King Soopers.

I drove past and then stopped to take a few pictures.

It was one of those situations where you want to turn to another person who also sees what you see. I wanted confirmation, because this is not an ordinary sight, even in Colorado.

But there wasn’t anyone else.

Once again, it seemed to me that no one else even noticed six horses tied to street signs.

People walked by.

People drove by.

I was the only one that stopped.

I don’t get it.

Do you?

It made me smile which counts for quite a lot these days.

And yes, it made my trip to the grocery store more fun.

Which  is important, since I seem to be there frequently.

It made me glad to be a person that notices things.

P.S. Happy Leap Year Day! Won’t be able to say that again for four years.