I like to think of myself as a good friend.

Not perfect, you understand, but good enough. I’m extremely fortunate to have a core group of friends in my life – horse and human – that enrich my days. I hope they (you) feel the same about me.

Yesterday when I was out feeding our two old sweeties I noticed a sorrel mare alone in the nearby round pen. On closer inspection I saw that it was Minnie.

I first introduced you to Minnie back in September when she moved into the pasture. We dubbed her “Skinny Minnie,” for obvious reasons. Her little ribs were showing through her coat.

Minnie has a sweet, shy disposition. But she’s also quirky, with a ton of personality.

Once she became accustomed to the herd, she quit hanging with the Oldsters.

I hadn’t seen her in many months.

But she hadn’t forgotten me.

As soon as she figured out who I was, she nickered a greeting.  It was a throaty rippling sound that seemed almost mournful.

I’ve already told you what a sucker I am for nickering.

Once I got Bud and Pepper settled, I walked over to greet my little friend.

She looked rather forlorn all by herself in the round pen, and seemed really glad to see me. I stroked her neck and talked to her. We got caught up as best we could. She knew I was the “treat lady” but I didn’t feel comfortable feeding her. I wasn’t sure why she’d been removed from the herd and sure didn’t want to cause a problem if she were sick.

She wasn’t really okay with that plan, but I stuck to it.

She watched me take care of Bud and Pepper, and hand out treats to the Herd of Oldsters. I felt quite guilty, but knew I had to stick to my guns on this one.

I tried to explain it to Minnie, but she wasn’t buying it. She just stared at me, sometimes pawing the ground for emphasis.

Have you had the experience of knowing a right action wasn’t the one others liked or wanted?

It’s always a challenge for me because I like to make people (and horses) happy. Though I will say that in the end, I felt good about the decision. Doing the right thing brings its own rewards.

Do you agree?

And as for Minnie, I’m confident our friendship is stronger than a handful of hay cubes.