Meet Daisy.

She’s a plucky little basset hound that belongs to one of the barn managers.

Technically she doesn’t live at the barn full time.

But she visits on a daily basis.

Make no mistake, though. As far as Daisy is concerned, she is officially “on staff.”

Her job is to greet people, and she’s darned good at it.

If this were a Harry Potter book, Daisy would have the title, Minister of Merriment.

It would describe her to a T, because she spreads joy wherever she goes.

She takes her job quite seriously.

She wags her tail for each and every person she meets. And runs to greet us on those short little basset legs, ears flying and tail circling.

At Christmas, Daisy wore a festive collar of red poinsettia blossoms and tiny bells. It added to the spirit of exuberance that surrounds her by at least ten fold.

During this latest cold snap we’ve been in, Daisy has been dressed appropriately in her winter coat. One would expect nothing less of the Minister of Merriment. We don’t want her getting frostbite on any of her sensitive parts. And running so low to the ground, well, it could be a distinct problem!

A few weeks ago when I was out feeding our two old sweeties, I saw Daisy across several paddocks.

“Hi Daisy,” I called, but she was deep into sniffing something she thought was important. Honestly, I didn’t want any of the details.

Then something interrupted her concentration and the trance was broken. She lifted her head to see me. She came barreling across the paddocks, her ears like propellers pushing her forward, until she reached the last fence.

And a problem.

Daisy was stuck. She couldn’t get through.

She ran up and down the fence line frantic to find a way to get to me. I hadn’t yet been greeted, and Daisy was not one to shirk her very important job.

A tail in motion is always in motion.

I watched as she thought this problem through, talking and encouraging her as she pondered.

Eventually she figured it out. She retraced her steps until she exited through the original paddock – the one that had been so extremely sniff-worthy only moments earlier.

She raced to me, wiggling all the way. I laughed and gave her a good rub as we “talked.”

Then she was off to greet the next person, or investigate the next enticing aroma.

For the Minister of Merriment, there is never a dull moment.