Horses sleep standing. They lock their legs and drift into dreamland – as so aptly demonstrated by the horse in this photo.

It was a cold day.

The sky was grey and threatening more snow.

There wasn’t much to do. No grazing for sure.

And it was a long time until the hay truck was going to make its way back into the pasture.

What’s a horse to do but sleep?

To be able to sleep while standing is a skill we humans could use. Think about all those folks waiting in line for the next greatest Apple product. They could so benefit from being able to remain standing while catching up on sleep. Multi-tasking at its best.

Or the post-Thanksgiving shoppers. The ones that gather in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line to snag all those unbelievable deals. To hold your place in line and remain upright could really help.

But no.

Unlike horses, we humans must lay our tired bodies down in order to sleep.

Horses are prey animals. That means they’re hard wired to run like crazy at the first scent of a predator. If you’ve ever watched a horse lying on the ground get up, you know it’s a rather slow process. If a mountain lion were approaching, that sleeping horse would be extremely vulnerable.

Horses do on occasion stretch out on the ground. But they have to feel safe. You’ll sometimes see herd members standing watch while one or two sleep. In the pasture where Bud and Pepper live, horses do  take naps on the ground. Especially on quiet, sunny days, we’ll see horses dozing in the sun, soaking up heat.

Even our two old sweeties need to rest their legs now and then.


All this talk of sleeping horses makes me wonder this: Are you a napper?

Yes or no?

For the record I definitely fall into the “yes” category. Love, love, love taking naps. It feels like one of life’s ultimate luxuries.