Do you ever have a reaction to something that just surprises the heck out of you? An emotional response that is so much stronger than the actual event.

It happens to me quite often.

My mother used to tell me that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think she worried that if I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I’d spend my life getting hurt.

And I guess she was right to some degree.

I’ve had my share of hurts.

But my emotional vulnerability has also opened me up and allowed me to experience wonderful, amazing, deep and rich feelings. Feelings that I never would want to miss out on.

So how does this relate to a blanket for Red?

Well, a storm was predicted yesterday. They were calling for heavy, wet snow and a lot of it. When I was out feeding our two old sweeties, I saw that many of the horses had blankets wrapped around them.

But the one that punched me in the emotional gut was Red, the rough and ready Mustang. In the years we’ve known him, he’s never worn a blanket. But he’s getting up there in years, and like Bud and Pepper, the winters are starting to be hard on him.

So when I saw him in this obviously old, well-used, torn blanket that is a bit too small, my heart just sprang open. I felt a rush of love for this sweet old boy and his people who clearly wanted to offer him some protection from the storm.

For just a moment, I felt all gushy. I commented to Red about his blanket and he seemed okay with it, even though it was tight and not all that stylish. Perhaps just the thing for a formerly wild horse of the plains.

These horses have become my family, and to some extent, I hope yours as well.

Doesn’t it feel reassuring to know they’re taken care of?

This human-animal bond is something else, isn’t it?

P.S. We got the snow!