Time for Tuesday Beauty


My Aunt was crazy about chickens. She named hers; worried about each and every one. She had dishware with chickens on it, as well as numerous chicken-themed decorative objects in her home. She loved her birds!


As a kid, I never totally got it. I couldn’t see the beauty. They just seemed like noisy, pain-in-the-patooty birds. Now I see the error of my thinking.

Chickens are really quite beautiful. And when you pay attention to anything, you always see more.

The people who run the little store where we buy some of our horse feed keep chickens.

It’s a special treat when I can get a dozen eggs along with the grain and other horse-related goodies I’m purchasing. These are true free-range chickens. No depressing factory farm with thousands of chickens jammed into cages. These girls see the sun every day of their lives. They scratch in the dirt, scavenge for bugs, and fill their days with whatever it is chickens do. And they produce eggs with the most brilliant yellow yolks. Absolutely gorgeous!

So one day I was snapping a few photos of the chickens and I was terribly amused by this character that was obviously ignoring the “no parking” sign.


We live in a beautiful world!


P.S. Is there something you find beautiful that others might not appreciate? Enlighten us and help us grow…