A week or so ago we had some really big wind blow through our community. On our way to the horses we saw a huge evergreen tree toppled over, it’s shallow root system encircling the tree like a dirt-colored Frisbee.

In the backyard common area we share, an old cottonwood split in half – one side crashing to the ground.

And the oddest thing to me, or perhaps the most interesting was that the wind literally peeled the paint from our garden shed door. I found strips of it littering the street when I walked to get the mail.

Now that’s some serious wind!

As for the horses, they mainly hung out in the shed, sheltered from the wind.

But Brio, the youngster of the herd seemed to revel in his mane blowing, his forelock taking on the windswept look.

Where  do you stand on wind?

Love it?

Hate it?

Tolerate it?