One of the neighbors enjoying a nap in the sun.

One of the charms of living in Colorado is the way the weather can change on a dime.

Just when you think you’re going to have to hunker down for a long, cold winter, the sun comes out, melts all the snow and you end up needing nothing more than a lightweight coat or sweatshirt instead of your down parka.

“Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes,” is a popular saying.

We’ve been enjoying some very nice weather these past few days – close to sixty degrees.

The horses have been basking in the sun, napping and soaking up all that warmth.

We even removed Bud and Pepper’s coats.

Yesterday though in the middle of a perfectly gorgeous afternoon, we began to worry about our two old sweeties. The forecast called for a huge drop in temperature overnight and possible snow.

And high winds.

Not a good combination for our sweet old things.

The last thing we want is for them to spend their precious calories keeping warm. They both have lost weight this winter as it is.

So at the end of the day, in the dark, we convinced ourselves to head out to the pasture and put the coats back on.

Bud and Pepper were a little confused, but bless their hearts, they came running when Rick whistled.

We handed out snacks and buckled the coats back on.

And as the wind rattled our windows in the wee hours of the morning, I rolled over for a few more minutes of sleep, happy that we’d gone to the extra effort.