We seem to be a culture obsessed with de-cluttering, clearing out, and organizing our lives and our stuff.

No doubt because we have too much of it – stuff that is. It’s especially noticeable this time of year when the calendar shifts to a new number and we embrace “clean slate” thinking. Women’s magazines are full of articles about getting one’s life organized, as are newspapers and numerous reality shows on television.

How many of us make some version of a New Year’s Resolution to once and for all clean the garage, or the craft room, or the office or???

Yes, it’s most of us.

Me included.

This year, I’m trying to do it the smart way. Fifteen minutes a day to organize a drawer or shelf or spot on the counter or desk. I’m working on applying the quote – “Little hinges swing big doors.”

And let me tell you I have some pretty darned large doors to swing!

So over the weekend I was working on one drawer in the bureau in my bedroom. It’s a drawer that I’ve ignored for, oh, YEARS. Never opened it; never removed anything from it.

It was way past time for a good sorting.

Like an archeologist, I dug through layers of my life, wandering down memory lane as I pulled out woefully out of style belts, scarves, letters, and empty jewelry boxes.

All stuffed into this small drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.


One of the last things I unearthed was a tiny white box.

I had no idea what it was or why I’d kept it.

“Just another empty box,” I thought, feeling the sting of shame for keeping empty boxes at all.

What was I thinking?

Why hadn’t I just tossed them out?

Then I gingerly removed the lid and my heart broke open.

Tucked inside this tiny cardboard box was a love note.

A note from my son, who is now a grown man and an awesome, amazing father to his own son.

In his child-like printing, the note said, “I love you.” It was signed “Santa.”

This must have been placed in a Christmas stocking or wrapped and put under the tree.

Years ago.

Thankfully I had the vision to keep it.

When I opened it, I felt as if I’d just found a box of precious jewels.

It is absolute treasure.

A gift that keeps on giving, and is to my way of thinking, infinitely more valuable than rubies or emeralds or diamonds.

It’s a box of pure, unconditional love.

And who couldn’t use more of that these days?

Talk about positive reinforcement for cleaning!

P.S. Love you right back Honey! So much!!!