Have you ever found yourself doing something you knew wasn’t a good idea?

Maybe you felt peer pressure.

Or a wave of rebellion washed over you and before you knew it you were in a bar in Wyoming with your girlfriend, using fake names and dancing and flirting with younger men. (That’s all I am EVER going to say about this, except that it was a very long time ago, and Rebecca you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Yesterday in the pasture, Bud and Pepper apparently found themselves overtaken by rebellion.

Here’s how it went down.

We were engaged in our usual routine of them eating grain and me handing out snacks to the Herd of Oldsters at the fence. It was a gorgeous day – blue sky overhead, temperatures in the high fifties, and the tiniest hint of spring on the air.

It was the perfect day for doing something bold.

Something out of the ordinary.

Something wild and crazy.

Bud finished eating his grain first. No surprise there. But Pepper was right behind him. For a change she wasn’t dawdling and chewing each tiny morsel twenty-five times, as she is known to do.

The instigator

And while I had my back turned, Bud decided to go on a walkabout.

A walkabout that led him directly to the hay storage shed.

It wasn’t far really – only a few feet from the car.

It’s just that he’s never noticed it before.

Today however was a different story.

A story of adventure.

A story of rebellion.

A story of leading his life companion into trouble.

I suspect all Bud could see was the biggest buffet line he’d ever encountered.

All the hay he could stuff into his mouth, which I must add is not a good idea for horses. Or people come to think of it.

The accomplice

Pepper looked up, saw Bud gobbling hay and made a beeline to join him.

Two old horses headed for big trouble.


After no small amount of coaxing, and at least a few threats (empty as they really were) I was able to get Pepper out of the hay, into her halter and back to the pasture.


It was as if she finally acquiesced and said, “Oh all right all ready. I’m coming.”

Bud was a bit more stubborn. A stubborn Appaloosa you say? What a surprise!

In the end, with the help of his halter, Bud too allowed me to lead him out of the hay and into the pasture.

It was their excellent adventure.

A story they will likely recount many times to the Oldsters as they huddle together in the shed on cold and windy winter nights.

How about you? Any adventures on your horizon for 2012? Bud and Pepper want to know.