“What we appreciate, appreciates.”

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We have twelve months of a blank slate opening before us.

A new year filled with promise. What will it bring?

I’m reminded of my mother’s annual comment as she removed ornaments from the Christmas tree and packed them away. “I wonder what will happen before we get these decorations out again and put them on another tree.”

What indeed!

If I am learning anything from this beautiful and sometimes challenging life, it is that I do have choices about how my life goes.

I can choose what I think.

I can choose how I interpret the actions of others.

I can make a course correction if my life seems to be veering into dangerous waters.

Not always easy, but possible.

And so, for this first post of 2012, I want to shine the spotlight on what’s going well.

I offer a list of some of the gifts I’ve received from two old horses.

  1. There is great power in establishing and maintaining routines. When someone counts on you, it’s important to come through for them.
  2. Spend some amount of time every day in nature. Allow yourself to feel cold, hot, windblown, or wet – whatever Mother Nature brings. Notice the sense of aliveness that you feel, and do what you can to increase the feeling. So much opens up to us when we step out of our climate-controlled life into the wild.
  3. Pay attention to the small details. Remember that we live in a beautiful world. Sometimes we have to look to find it, but beauty is always there.
  4. It’s good to make new friends, but never forget your herd. They are your source of strength, comfort and safety. Loyalty counts!
  5. Learn to forgive. Not a one of us is perfect. At one time or another, we all screw up, make a bad decision, don’t follow through, say something hurtful, or blunder our way through one thing or another. We are perfectly imperfect.
  6. Set healthy boundaries. Don’t let others push you around. Stand up for what you believe.
  7. Trust your instincts.
  8. Tune in to your needs. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re thirsty, drink. If you want to nap in the sun, by all means do it.
  9. Give your heart freely. Love others with enthusiasm and openness.
  10. Kick up your heels now and then.