A little elf helping us get ready to feed

Here I am at my last post of 2011.

In some ways the year has sped by. It seems only yesterday I was writing about my freezing adventure in the pasture last New Year’s Eve.

And now it’s been twelve months – a full year.

A beautiful, interesting, amazing, and routine year.

Here in Colorado we’re having temps in the fifties, unlike last year when it was five degrees. We’ve even taken the coats off Bud and Pepper, giving them a chance to feel the sun on their backs for a bit.

The closing of a year always makes me pensive.

It seems to be hard wired into me to review the events of the past year and then set an intention for the coming one. I don’t call them resolutions. I much prefer the term intention. My goal is to be mindful in my life. It’s something that I constantly work on.

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Milagro Beanfield War,  a 1988 film adapted from the book by John Nichols, and directed by Robert Redford. I absolutely adore this film.

In fact, I could use a viewing right now. The music, the northern New Mexico landscape, and the story enchant me. There is a scene where Amarante Cordova, the elder of the village, awakens and looks in the mirror at his reflection. “Thank you God for another day,” he sputters as he splashes water on his face and combs his sparse white hair.

That line is on my mind today as I reflect on the year coming to a close. With two old horses, I’m grateful they are still with us, providing companionship, horse sense, and fodder for my ramblings.

When I started writing this blog I had no idea how important it would become to me.

But it has turned into an avenue to my inner landscape. It has connected me to my horses, to nature, and to myself in ways that astound me. I’m not a disciplined person and yet I have upheld my commitment to a daily feeding, and to writing five blog posts a week (with a few lapses, mostly related to an adorable grandchild.)

This blog has also created a small community of faithful readers, and for you I am so grateful. That you choose to spend a portion of your valuable time reading about Bud, Pepper, and the Herd of Oldsters is both heartwarming and amazing to me.

Some people grouse about the Internet – how cold and impersonal it is. How it can never replace the warmth of human, face-to-face interactions. And I guess some of that’s true. I like  face-to-face interactions.

But we have our own way of interacting –  a commitment of sorts to each other.

You count on me writing, and I count on you reading it.

Simple as that.

So my intention is to keep going.

To pay attention to the small, delicious details of every day.

To feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and revel in the beauty of the world around me.

And I’ll keep sharing it with you.

And I’m hoping you’ll keep reading and commenting.


Here’s to a 2012 that rocks!!