Two mares in the turnout paddock next to where I’m feeding my two old sweeties have been putting on quite a show lately. They don’t like each other.

They’re separated by a fence, which probably keeps them from getting into a major fight. But they’re doing an excellent job provoking little skirmishes.

I’m talking kicking at each other.

Squealing and snorting.

More kicking.

And I’m pretty sure I heard the horse version of “nanner, nanner, nanner,”  like brothers taunting each other in the backseat of the family minivan.

The part that fascinates me is that they continue to stand side-by-side, kicking and squealing. It’s a large paddock and either could walk away.

Avoid the scuffle altogether.

But no.

They continue to stand in each other’s space, teasing, challenging, and tormenting.

Perhaps they are simply bored.

Play fighting to pass the time.

That could be it.

Their actions have made me think about how we humans sometimes put ourselves in misery’s path.

I’ve been known to do it.

Then what keeps me from walking away?

Taking a different path?

Letting go.

Is it that being miserable is familiar?

Comforting in an odd sort of way?

I’m ready for less misery and more happiness.

How about you?

What are you letting go of as we head into the new year?