Dear Santa,

I know you must be tired from your busy week of flying around the world delivering presents to all the boys and girls.

You’re probably sleeping late in the mornings, taking a nap every day and sitting in the hot tub to recuperate.

But in case you’re taking a little time to evaluate how this Christmas went so you can make changes for next year, I have one teensy little suggestion.

It’s a small one, really.

Small but important to me.

Okay, here goes:

Could you please limit the number of noise-making gifts at our house to ONE?

Yes, I know two-year-olds like to make noise.

But seriously, bongo drums, a Cajun metal washboard thingy, a harmonica, a triangle, and numerous books and toys that make high-pitched electronic squeaking noises.

I have to say you outdid yourself on the noise making gifts this year, Santa.


I spent most of the holiday week with my head tucked under the fleece, trying as hard as I could to muffle at least some of the sounds wafting up the stairs. I know my peeps were really glad for the company. They adore that little noise-making boy.

And his parents.

As for me, I’m still warming up to him. I’m not one to make rash decisions.

I know he’s going to return to our house many, many times.

I also know that it will make my peeps really happy.

So, I’m getting my Christmas request for next year in very early.

Do you have any sound-deadening earmuffs in your workshop?

If you do, I could really use a pair. And if you don’t, you have a whole year to invent them. I think they could be a welcome gift for many cats and dogs around the world.

And people too!

Thank you Santa for considering my request.

Happy New Year!