One of the things I like about the winter pasture is the easy access to water. It’s not such a trek for my two old sweeties to get a good, long drink.

In the summer the water is at the far south end of the pasture.

And while the exercise is a good thing, I worry that our two old guys don’t drink as much water as they need, because they don’t feel like walking all that way to the trough.


Horses require anywhere from four to ten gallons of water a day, depending on their weight, what they eat, and their activity level – winter and summer.

Obviously a working horse needs more water than a “pasture gem.” But even at the lower end of the spectrum, four gallons a day is a lot of water.

Dehydration can lead to all kinds of nasty health complications for horses, so getting sufficient water is really important.

It’s on most horse keepers’ minds.

Cold weather can mean chopping ice off the water tank. Or carrying water. We’re spoiled because we haven’t had to do either.

I took this photo while Bud and Pepper were eating their grain. It reminded me of the office water cooler, where employees gather to talk and take a break.

I think horses must do the same.

And yes, for those of you with sharp eyes, that is Fred facing the camera.

The very same Fred (AKA Beau) from this summer’s mini-drama with Pepper. More about him/them tomorrow.

Here’s my public service question of the day:

Are you getting enough water? We humans need our fair share as much as horses. And when it’s cold, we may not think we’re thirsty, but experts on such things tell us we likely are in need of water.

So drink up!