Have you noticed how scarcity makes you feel bad?

It creates anxiety and fear and an overwhelming feeling that you are not going to be okay.

And when you feel these emotions, you sometimes get crabby, or pushy or downright obnoxious.

Up until a few days ago, our horses were getting only one feeding of hay each day.

It’s cold.

The pasture is frozen.

And horses were hungry.

They were jumpy.


Playing their dominance games.

And their anxiety wafted off the pasture like toxic fumes.

I never knew what to expect when I went out to feed.

Then everything changed.

That beloved hay truck started making not one but two trips into the pasture.

And a new pasture was opened.

There isn’t much nutrition in the dead grass, but it gives the horses something to do.

They’re grazers after all.

And the cold snap broke.

All of this contributed to a dramatic change in behavior.

Anxious horses grew quiet.

They weren’t as hungry.

Or upset.

Or stuck in scarcity.

The difference in the feel of the pasture is mind-boggling.

And a good reminder to me that scarcity is not a good place to live.