Several months ago I was introduced to the amazing sculptural work of Heather Jansch.

Her medium is driftwood, gleaned from the Devon shores and estuaries, and oak from nearby estates.

Her subject is the horse.

Her art is nothing short of awe-inspiring; her reverence for the earth, palpable.

When asked if her artwork carries a significant message that relates back to modern society, her reply is simple and profound.

“It is to live as well as you are able to the best of your ability with generosity and compassion.”

Words we could all take to heart.


She lives in a wonderland that she’s created. A sculpture garden filed with driftwood horses, all the components of a proper English garden, and a peace that draws me in like a magnet.

I fantasize about curling up on the lawn with a picnic lunch, a good book and the company of her driftwood horses.

Please follow this link and spend some time on her website. Think of it as a vacation!