When you have animals, spontaneous little trips on the weekend rarely happen.

Spontaneity and animal care exist in entirely different worlds.

Like babies, animals thrive on routine and predictability.

Our two old sweeties know exactly what time we’ll be pulling up at the gate to feed them.

And the Herd of Oldsters expects snacks.

We’ve trained them – or they’ve trained us. I’m never completely clear on who has done the training and who has done the learning! But in either case, we have created a routine that’s hard to alter.

The more animals you have, the more planning you need to do.

And the more diverse the species of animals – the more planning.

You see where I’m going here.

There was a time when we could get away with leaving the horses for a few days and know they’d be fine. But these days, that’s not the case. They need medicine and that extra feeding of grain every day. Not everyone has the desire to drive out to the pasture to feed our horses.

Lucky for us, at the last minute, after the person we’d lined up to feed the horses had to withdraw, we learned that the daughters of the boarding facility owner want to earn extra money. They’d be happy to feed Bud and Pepper.


This turned out to be a perfect solution.

They know horses. They know our horses. They don’t have to make an extra trip. And their price is within our budget.

If you’d been listening on Tuesday, you would have heard us breathing deep sighs of relief.

As for Mija, our little earless cat – she gets a live-in caregiver. She’s just too old and set in her ways to go anywhere.

She needs her home.

Her routine,

Her bed.

Her food.

Her everything.

Some might think we spoil our animals.

They’d be one hundred percent correct.

The way we see it, we have a responsibility to provide the best care we possible can manage for the animals that give us so much. They depend on us and we take that seriously.

And yes, sometimes it’s a hassle. And there’s an added financial component.

But knowing that our animals are safe and well cared for helps us relax and enjoy our time away.


To everyone who takes care of other people’s animals, we send a big thank you your way!


What creative solutions have you found for your animal care?