Hello Dear Readers…

Here it is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and most of us are either busy preparing a feast or eating it! I sometimes find that I get so focused on the trappings of the day that I forget to sink down into my gratitude.

To be fully with it.

And remember the MANY things for which I’m grateful.

The things that truly matter.

So what if we forgot to add the sugar to the pie? (Yes, that has happened to me.)

So what if the gravy is lumpy?

So what if the turkey is dry?

So what if we aren’t spending the day with exactly the people we’d like to be with?

So what?

It’s been a rough few months and most of us are worn out.

Fear, anger, war, storms, financial upheaval, and political wrangling sit like unwelcome guests in our homes. But we can ask them to leave.

We can clear out our heads and our hearts.

We can choose to focus on being grateful.

For health.

For family.

For friends.

For the beauty that is around us everywhere when we take time to look for it.

And for two sweet old horses that remind us every day that life can be very good.

Blessings to you on this Thanksgiving 2011.

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