I had walked into the pasture while Bud and Pepper munched on their grain, looking for a better shot for a photo that I wanted.

But the photo I actually took was this one – Red, Amigo and Chickadee lined up at the fence waiting for more treats.

The car and our two old sweeties are to the right, out of sight from this angle.

I know it may not be terribly polite to look at or comment upon a person’s (or horse’s) back side, but …

This photo makes me smile.

For so many reasons.

  • These three horses have got me figured out. They know that if they stand at the fence, I will give them treats. Which is exactly what I do.
  • I love their persistence. They are part of the Herd of Oldsters, and as such receive our care and love. They’re family.
  • They know their place. Each horse knows exactly where to stand. They don’t usually crowd each other, though on occasion they will try to push Chickadee out. She’s such a shy girl, we have to look out for her.
  • I don’t often get to see the snack-feeding process from behind. It looks entirely different.


    And isn’t it always good to look at something from all angles?