When I’m cold, I think about food. Maybe it’s my body’s way of ensuring that I won’t freeze/starve in the cold.

It must happen with horses too.

They need extra calories to stay warm.

And healthy.

Last week when I was feeding our two old sweeties, I watched three horses in a nearby paddock. These are barn horses that get turned out during the day for fresh air and more room to run and kick and play horse games.

But by late afternoon, they were so finished with all of that.

Horse games aren’t much fun when your stomach is growling.

Their focus had turned to something else.

What was the object of their rapt attention?

The hay truck.

And darned if it wasn’t still parked instead of delivering hay.

Now these horses know the schedule exactly.

It was getting late, and they hadn’t yet been led back to their stalls.

They were ready for dinner.

Big time.

So they tried the, “if you stare at it long enough, it will move,” approach.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

That truck didn’t budge.

Not even one inch.

More staring ensued.

To no avail.

I finished with Bud and Pepper, packed the car and drove toward the gate.

That’s when I heard it – a sharp whinny instead of words, but the message was crystal clear:

You’re late! Where have you been?

They turned their backs on her when she finally opened the gate – just to let her know they were not happy campers.

But one by one, she led them to their stalls and a big pile of life-giving hay.