I’m teaching myself to find beauty everywhere I look.

Because it’s there.

Really it is.

I’m always rewarded for my effort.

One of my favorite places to find beauty is the produce section of the grocery store.

I can swoon over an artfully arranged display of carrots or peppers. The color, the texture, the design – oh my goodness!

Then there’s the sky. There are no words to sufficiently describe the stunning clouds, sunrises, and sunsets that greet me (and you) nearly every day. And what about that full moon last week?


Last night I was chopping chard for dinner and had to stop and quite literally take a breath to settle down. The red stems of the chard contrasted with the rich green leaves were gorgeous.


I thought of taking a photo to share with you, but the rest of my counter was cluttered with dinner prep and the image wouldn’t have even come close to what I saw in that moment.

When I’m out with my two old sweeties, I’ve been taking a few extra minutes to look around the area with new eyes.

I haven’t been disappointed.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of the images with you in my Tuesday blog posts.

One of my mentors in the field of understanding human behavior is parenting expert, Jim Fay. He’s fond of saying, “You get what you think you’re going to get.” He was talking about a child’s behavior. I’ve expanded this to include nearly everything in my life.

I think it’s especially apropos of finding beauty everywhere one looks.

Take yesterday, for example. I was leaving Office Depot, where I’d just given them the equivalent of both arms and maybe even my leg, so that I could purchase new ink for my laser printer.

I was lugging the box to the car when I saw two sleek, black ravens sitting on a pile of dirty snow. They were huge. And seemed to be doing nothing more than hanging out, perhaps resting, or making their Christmas card lists, or checking their Facebook pages.

Who knows?

I reached into my purse for my trusty point and shoot camera and then remembered that I’d left it on the desk at home. But getting the shot wasn’t nearly as important as simply enjoying it.

Are you on the lookout for the beauty in your life? What have you found?