Miss Pepper, our twenty-nine and-a half-year old-mare, is in the mood for a new outfit.

She’s been online checking out her choices. Never mind the logistics of how she is actually doing this.

You have to go with me .

Suspend belief.

Get into the fictive dream, as writers say.

She’s found quite a selection of blankets, some in her price range and some that are way out of her budget.

But hey, a girl can dream!

She has her utilitarian navy coat, new last year, I might add. But she’d like options. What female is satisfied with only one blanket?

Here’s the thing: Pepper is pondering the many choices she’s found so far, and would like your input.

Should she make a bold statement?

Go wild?

Or sedate?

Is an older mare (or woman) supposed to dress in a certain way?

Is her time for “statement dressing” over?

Should she stick with the sensible navy?

Or is a polka dot or plaid in her future?

We’ve compiled photos of some of the blankets she’s considering. Please take a moment to vote for your first choice.

This could turn into a great reality show for television. “What Not to Wear in the Pasture.”

If it happens, Pepper would like to be the host. She’s always nurtured a dream of being in show biz.