“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

~ Unknown

Bud is a happy horse.

I envy his easygoing nature.

Not much rattles him.

In his youth, he’d get snippy around feeding time, but even that has changed. These days, he knows he’s going to get fed.

I suppose if I took his food away, I’d see a temper flare up. But normally, he is one calm, cool and collected horse. He’s a very good balance to Miss Pepper, who continues to be the consummate drama queen. She is, after all, a mare. It comes with the territory for her.

 Bud makes the best of every situation that comes his way.

“So what if it snowed? I can eat my grain anywhere,” he seems to say.

He’s my constant reminder to choose to be happy.

Even on days when it isn’t so easy.

Sixty minutes with my equine therapists is just what the happiness doctor ordered.


What or who helps you make that choice to be happy?