Hello heavy coat.

Hello gloves.

Hello Bogs.

Hello horse blankets.

Hello winter hats.

Hello snow.

Hello slush.

Hello biting, freezing wind.

Hello hungry horses.

This October snowstorm brought broken tree limbs, power outages and a vivid announcement that Old Man Winter is in the house.

The snow will melt and the temperature may creep up to the 50’s over the weekend, but make no mistake, the season has changed.

I’ve grumbled about it, but in truth, when I was out feeding our two old sweeties yesterday afternoon, it was quite lovely.

The snow served as insulation, giving a hushed, surreal quality to the pasture.


The herd was quiet, where yesterday they were wound up. Horses don’t need a weather forecast to tell them a storm is on the way.


Soon we’ll shift to a daytime feeding schedule and my winter routine will be in full swing.


It is what it is.


It’s all good.