Wednesdays With Mija

Mewsings about life and the business of being a feline from Jean’s aging, earless cat.

We had a big snow last night.

I’m not a happy cat.

I’m begging my peeps to move to Arizona for the winter, but they are ignoring me. Something about jobs and other commitments here.

To me it sounds like one lame excuse after another. But they seem to be firm in their resolve.

Let me repeat: I am not a happy cat.

  • Couldn’t sit in my chair on the deck.
  • Couldn’t find my al fresco water bowl.
  • Couldn’t have the sliding doors open.

My answer is to go into hibernation mode.

I’ll be hunkering down on every cozy blanket, lap and bed I can find.

That said, I’ll be taking a break from my Wednesday blog. Jean will continue to write, but I’m having a small temper tantrum.

Hibernation is not conducive to blogging.

There are many perks to being a cat. One is choosing if and when I work. Right now I choose not to work.

I’ll see you in the spring.

Or when I feel like it.

If you’re in Colorado, be careful out there.

Well, be careful no matter where you are.

Happy Wednesday!