This is Fred, aka Beau, at the back of this picture. He’s been my nemesis all summer, because of his Lothario-like ways with my sweet old mare Pepper. And his aggression toward Bud and the other two old bachelors, Red and Amigo.

He’s not welcome when we are out feeding.

He’s learned this after several confrontations.

Many times, I’ve backed him away from the group.

But the real message-sender is my husband, aka “the enforcer.”

He and Fred have had some serious “talks,” with the end result being this message: STAY AWAY FROM PEPPER.

When I watch these “talks” I think it’s a very good thing Rick doesn’t have daughters!

To his credit, Fred has agreed to stay away at feeding time, albeit with a big dose of attitude.

I’m thankful that he isn’t always around. Miss P. is spending much more time with the Herd of Oldsters. Many days we don’t ever lay eyes on Mr. I’m-so-hot-and-you-are-mine.

However, on the day this photo was taken, Fred glared at us from a short distance away. For at least half the time Bud and Pepper were eating, Fred stood his ground, shooting daggers our way.

Eventually he moved away to find his other mares.

Can you say “power struggle?”

I think that’s what we have on our hands. A good old-fashioned struggle for power.

Fred wants to be the alpha. For one hour a day, we refuse to allow him that role. Who knows what happens the other twenty-three?

I’m not sure I want to think about it.