Wednesdays With Mija

“Mewsings” about life and the business of being a feline, from Jean’s aging, earless cat.

Not all cats live in the lap of luxury as I do.

There are some of our species that must work for a living. Cats in the workforce aren’t as prevalent as dogs, but some of us do indeed punch the proverbial time clock.

Barn cats have a clearly defined job description: Keep the barn free of rodents.

And from what I can tell, most do a bang up job of it.

Personally, I prefer canned food and kibble, but to each his own. I may have eaten a mouse or two when I was abandoned before coming to live in my forever home, but I don’t remember.

I tend to forget unpleasant things. It’s a good coping mechanism and one I recommend to everyone.


I also had a brief period of experimentation in my youth where I was fascinated with earthworms, though I never really ate one. I did like to bring them to the door to share with my peeps. They never totally appreciated my efforts though, and in my adult years, I gave it up. I imagine the worms in our garden are much relieved!


I understand there is a new barn cat out at the pasture – a black and white tuxedo. No one knows his name yet. He’s taking his time revealing all his secrets.

Smart cat!

But he does like to hang around with my people when they are feeding Bud and Pepper. I can tell from the pictures that he looks nice enough and seems to have a good time at his job.

Job satisfaction is an important component of good mental health, which is why I am exquisitely happy with my station in life. My only job is to be charming and loving, and receive with grace the bounty that comes my way.


As for our yet-to-be-named barn cat, I say “well done” and “carry on!” (Can you tell we’ve been watching Masterpiece Theater? I adore some of the phrases those Brits use.)


Do you know of other working cats? What jobs do they hold?


Happy Wednesday!