Pepper's first coat of the season

Yesterday we went to the pasture a bit earlier than usual so that we could get Miss P. set in her nighttime coat.

It’s one of my favorite times of day, when the sun is still shining, though low in the sky and casting the most wonderful golden light. It’s a gift that comes mainly in autumn.

As Bud and Pepper chomped away on their grain, I followed the sound of birds. There’s a stand of old cottonwoods on the property that has become the equivalent of a bird hotel. They roost there at night, and mid-day when they need a rest, I imagine. I wish I could have recorded the sound for you because it was magical. There were hundreds of birds tucking themselves into the cover of leafy branches, chirping and calling to each other.

“Good night, Leon.”

“See you in the morning, Zelda.”

“Sleep tight, Nelson.”

“Mom, Lydia is stealing my leaf.”

Magnify this by hundreds and you get the idea of the symphony going on.

Every so often a small flock would decide they needed to move to the other tree. Something about their current accommodations wasn’t right. And obviously it needed to be perfect. En masse they’d wheel away from one tree, circling wide to land on the neighboring cottonwood.

It was bird ballet at its best.

I stood for a long few minutes, soaking up the evening sounds and tucking them into my bank of memories.

I’ll want to remember these bird sounds many times over.

Are there nature sounds that you love?

Sounds that soothe and help you feel grounded on this glorious planet Earth?

Do tell.